Real Estate Internet Marketing Week In Review

Find Ways to Use These Groaning ResourcesReal Estate Internet Marketing Week In Review

It’s time for the Week In Review, so I’ll publish Part III of Twenty-One Easy Real Estate Blog Posts on Monday. 

This week I found a new tool to help me gather my Week In Review links, Awasu (Gesundheit!).  Awasu is a very slick — if, at times, somewhat buggy — RSS feed reader for Windows.  I’ll probably have an in depth review in a future post. 

Pet peeve time:  People who use "Blog" to mean a single post on a Blog.  These are no doubt the same people who say Real-a-tor.

This week’s Web 2.0 "There Must Be Something We Can Do With All These Web Sites" award goes to John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing for his brief Let’s Get More Social article.  Sometimes I think Social Networks should be the butt of the joke we used to tell in college about sociology — that it’s a subject in search of a subject matter.  As John says, "You’ve got to get in there and find ways to use these growing resources." (Right — because it sure ain’t obvious).

On the other extreme, the winner of this week’s "The Heck With That, I’m Growing My Own Resources" award is Elite Properties’ own Sacramento Real Estate Gal, Purva Brown, who graciously calls me a mentor even though most of her success is just from getting in there and learning and making things happen.  Purva just escaped the Google sandbox yesterday and is now appearing on page 2 of Google for a keyword combination with 725,000 competitors.  Not bad for six months!  Go Purva!

In other Web 2.0 news, Bruce Clay’s web site scared the tar out of me when I glanced at an article Why Social Media.  Bruce is a very renowned SEO expert, so if he’s telling you to yank your YouTube [I can’t believe he said that], part time luddites like me are in a heap of trouble.  It turns out the article was by a guest author, so it looks like I dodged a bullet for this week.

New reader and fellow Real Estate Marketing author Tim O’Keefe throws a much needed wet blanket on the often lightless fire of ActiveRain. 

Back in the heady world of experimentation, this week social networking for Realtors super-trailblazers Ashley Drake Gephart and Bill Gassett invited me to a new business social network,  Social network #1,327, please fix your search engine if you want to be taken seriously before the Internet moves on to the next big thing.

You should be reading this guy, if you’re not already.

Do you need a free ratings widget for your blog?  Chances are good that you don’t.  No link for you, Outbrain.  (Doh!)

Meantime for those of you who are not content with these mere seven-day retrospectives, Tamar Weinberg has prepared a list of 2007’s Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts, hat tip to Andy Beard.  Those of you who feel compelled to take on John Jantsch’s challenge to "find ways to use these growing resources", please work your way through the list and report back.  Hey, come to think of it, Ashley and Bill should be guest authors here…

With over twenty years of software development experience, including building a successful career as a self-taught developer, John Lockwood creates career-focused training videos to help others launch or improve their software engineering careers.

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12 comments on “Real Estate Internet Marketing Week In Review
  1. John Jantsch says:

    John thanks for the notice – actually it’s painfully obvious what value the sites I pointed out have to me – the trick is that you’ve got to figure out what value they have to you on your own.

    What value did blogging have to you in say Jan 06 – not sure but you jumped in and did it anyway because you couldn’t stand the hype anymore, right? Did you find any value?

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment. As I mention in a comment on your blog, I apologize if this came off as critical or glib. I didn’t mean it to be.

    Actually I jumped in as a blogger in August of 2003 on another blog, which I guess makes me a dinosaur of sorts in that arena. That decision helped me grow and maintain a serious business resource that has fed me fairly well ever since.

    I’ve been more behind the curve on the social networking scene. Partly I agree with you that you need to get in there and figure it out, but I also tell my readers (and try to practice what I preach) to use some caution. The big “problem / opportunity” of social networks is the ability to be (as Brian Clark puts it) “someone else’s user generated content”. To me it’s much more valuable to own the store than rent space in someone else’s — but it’s not either/or, and they can always be useful as traffic builders.

    The big issue is time management. There are literally hundreds of those beasts out there, and there are even free solutions allowing you to create new ones. (See for a trivial example).

    Thanks for the read and a very interesting discussion! I’d love to hear more about what’s “painfully obvious” to you, and I’d welcome a guest post if you ever wanted to do one. I think your material is a fantastic resource, and I should really play catch up on it because I’ve been away for awhile.

  3. Purva Brown says:

    Thanks, John! I’m pretty thrilled about it too. :)

  4. John sometimes I think as agents we use social networks as one big party hopping activity. We start at one party and then move to the next. Same faces and same posts. But in the interest of not being left behind we don’t miss a party. I know I join some of them with no idea what to do with it. Usually though several months later it gels and becomes clear. Then I continue or ditch it if I don’t think there is potential.

  5. Hi Ashley,

    I’m with you on the party hopping. It’s certainly nice to see you and Bill and Missy everywhere as we “bar-hop” so to speak around the Internet.

    From a business perspective, the outstanding question in my mind is whether the time is justified in terms of the likelihood of a a transaction, or whether the latter is so vanishingly small as to make such networks only worth it for the incoming traffic.

    There’s probably a win in terms of link reputation for them either way. I think such networks may tend to be worthwhile the more you’re targeting an “internet crowd”, and in that respect are more appropriate for businesses like this than businesses like real estate. The nice thing about search marketing in contrast is that it’s more like what a phone book used to be twenty years ago — targeting people who are looking right now for a certain service. The reason for a lot of the hype is that Internet Marketing authors write about these services, and people looking to do Internet Marketing are already hanging around there, so it looks like it all fits.

  6. Dave says:

    Just curious if anyone has used bruce clay to promote. I remember that site years ago.

  7. I use John Lockwood, and I’ve been pretty successful at SEO for my own sites.

    I’m sure Bruce has a long client list. He does great work, and anyone who can make it to page one of the SERPs for perhaps the most competitive keyword combination there is, “Search Engine Optimization”, must be doing something right.

    Readers, anyone used Bruce?

  8. I’ve got this post bookmarked to come back to later- TONS of great links to check out!

    #1,327. Is that all? Doesn’t it feel more like 15 million? I have to agree, the long term benefits can seem a bit elusive as far as the networks go. If nothing else, you’re concreting your presence as a professional in your area. Kind of a drip system…

  9. John LoGioco says:

    Hi John – Thanks for the mention here on your post. I work @ Outbrain and wanted to expand on your comment. As you state, one may not absolutely need to add ratings to their blog posts. Your readers won’t abandon you if you don’t have ratings but based on feedback from our installed bloggers, readers sure do like to rate. We have found that ratings add a nice level of interactivity for your readers to engage your content. Many readers that will not comment will rate.

    In addition to the free ratings widget, we offer our bloggers a cool Blog Rating Report that shows your posts ranked by popularity and other metrics. This report is especially helpful to bloggers that aim to impart tips and helpful information to readers – kind of like what you are doing in the real estate market. Ratings may highlight a certain topic or issue that your readers are into. Many of your installed bloggers have reported that this report surfaced some surprises in how their content was being received and is now part of their daily review on how their content is being received. If you would like to see a sample report shoot me an email @ john (at) outbrain (dot) com. Also, our bloggers can opt to add a Top Rated badge that shows a river of top rated posts on your blog. This is meant to drive readers around your blog and increase page views.

    Next up for our bloggers will be the release of our recommendations which is again designed to drive readers further into your content and drive new traffic to your blog.

    Anyway, we love this stuff and would welcome you to give it a spin. Feel free to email me at john (at) outbrain (dot) com for more info if you want. Hope you are staying dry out West :)cheers

  10. Sandi, 1,327 was just a number pulled out of my hat. Actually I think Ning .com is reporting some 50,000 times that many, most with one user. :) But that’s even more to the point. When you need a whole page (cf just to keep track of where you are, that’s you all over! Yes — I would use you first for Chico, but the one Internet incoming industry referral I got last year came from a guy looking me up on Google. Where’s the beef?

    Hi John. Thanks for doing Outbrain more way justice than I did. (Amazing how you can get a guest post just by being terse sometimes!) I may indeed give it a spin. It’s on the pile of things that have not yet spun.

  11. John LoGioco says:

    Ok John sounds good. Better to be in the “waiting to be spun” pile than the trash heap:) Yes I agree that it’s amazing who you can bring out of the comment world with opinionated posts. We have Google Alerts to thank for keeping us so informed don’t we? Thanks again for the consideration, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

  12. Hi John – Thanks for mentioning me in your post. There is no question that social marketing will become a more viable tool for Realtors as we head into the future. Sure there will be sites we will join and later discover they don’t offer much value. There are some that hold immeasurable value such as Active Rain. There are others such as Linkedin, Naymz, and Konnects that are suited for business relationships.

    One of the things I have heard over and over are people saying “I don’t have time to join another one of these sites”. Well if all people are doing is hanging around in these sites all day I can understand why – YOU WOULD NEVER DO ANY REAL BUSINESS.

    I am a member of quite a few sites. Do I visit all of them frequently – No way. Did I have a purpose in joining them besides being one of the “in crowd” – You bet I did. Each time you join one of these sites it is an opportunity to have an inbound link to your website and blog. As you know, over time this is helpful in your SEO efforts.

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