Highrise Review – HighriseHQ Contact Relationship Manager

One of the elusive goals that I’ve had for my business for many years is to improve our customer service and our follow-up on leads while centralizing my company’s database of clients. That’s why I was very excited this week

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Internet Marketing Week In Review

This week I found lots of lists of more reading to do.  It’s amazing how a few hours with populating a good feed reader with great feeds can quickly pile up to more reading than you can possibly keep up

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What’s Your Internet Marketing Strategy — Author’s Guide

Have you been successful in your real estate or lending career largely (or partially) because of your Internet marketing? Our “What’s Your Internet Marketing Strategy” series (see our announcement) highlights authors who are using the Internet to close more business.

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Twenty-One Easy Blog Posts For Your Real Estate Blog (Part III of III)

This is the third article in our three-part series with tips and suggestions for making your real estate blogging easier using common writing formulas. See Items 1-7 in Twenty-One Easy Blog Posts for Your Real Estate Blog, Part I. Items

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Feed Statistics for WordPress Without Feedburner

I’ve just installed Chris Fink’s Feed Statistics Plugin to test it out here after finding yet another group of RSS screen scrapers stealing the content of another blog of mine. OK, I realize that for many of my readers I

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Real Estate Internet Marketing Week In Review

Find Ways to Use These Groaning Resources It’s time for the Week In Review, so I’ll publish Part III of Twenty-One Easy Real Estate Blog Posts on Monday.  This week I found a new tool to help me gather my

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